Food menu

Aburayama Sanso quietly located in mountains of Hakata became popular for Fugu (blowfish) dishes. The proprietress’s warm feeling like “Please enjoy plenty of delicious Fugu since you visit here” will be conveyed through these Fugu dishes.

In Hakata, Blowfish is called “Fuku” instead of “Fugu”, taking on the fuku from Fukuoka and the Japanese word for happiness, fuku.

Additional order for blowfish milt per person (Service charge and tax not included)
Blowfish milt sashimi 3,000 yen
Grilled blowfish milt 3,000-5,000 yen
Deep-fried battered blowfish milt 3,000 yen
Sake with blowfish milt 3,000 yen