Aburayama Sanso: Fugu (blowfish) specialized restaurant with a Japanese-style inn
Address: 147 Higashiaburayama, Fukuoka Jonan-ku, Fukuoka, 814-0155 Japan | TEL: +81-92-871-5034
*If you contact us, we will send you our location map by fax or email.
About Payment
Reservations are required for both dining and staying here. Please make a reservation by phone.
*Do not accept credit cards.
By public transportation
Take a subway Nanakuma Line to the Fukudai-mae Station. About 15 minutes by taxi from the station.
* If you call us in advance, we can arrange a taxi for you.
By car
A 5-minute drive from the Tsutsumi interchange on the Fukuoka Urban Expressway.
A 25-minute drive from both Fukuoka Airport and Dazaifu if you take the expressway.
* 10 parking spaces are available.
*Please contact us if you need a detailed road map from the Tsutsumi interchange. We can send it to you by fax or post.
When reserving a Fugu (blowfish) course for a party of more than 10 persons,
we can arrange a mini-bus to pick you up at your accommodation or Fukuoka Airport.